Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Ruby Slippers August 7 7-8 pm

Hey everybody!

Wow. It's already August.

Good Lord.

Well, when there's nothing to say, bring on the music.

Who Needs Ya ... Steppenwolf *
Changing ... Dave Cormier * (new)
Sun Tockin' ... Handsome Ned * (passed too soon)
Nappu Dugout ... Funkadelic (kinda different for this show)
Vices... Black Lady Soul *
Bassically ... Tei Shi *
You Satellite ... Wilco (FINALLY made the list)
Things I Don't Remember ... Ugly Casanova
Pirates (Can't All Sail The Indian Ocean) ... Forest City Lovers *
Convince The Mayor ... Amos The Transparent *
Milo of Kroton ... Cutaways
Gidget Goes To Hell....Suburban Lawns
Don't Cry For Me ... Zombies
Long Live Rock ... The Who
Walk Away Strut ... Womb *

Thanks for listening. 

(Hold Out Your Hand ... Chris Squire  I will play this next week come hell or high water as a tribute to an amazing musician, passed before his time)

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