Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Ruby Slippers May 15 7-8 pm Long Weekend, here we come!

Hey Everybody!

It's the long weekend and even though it makes no sense to be now (after all, next week is May 24) gotta start the vacation off with a bang, so light yer sparklers, grab a drink and a burger and let's get going!

To The Beat ... Atom and the Volumes *
Shadowland ... Youth Group 
Not One Of Us ... Stephin Merritt (from Magnetic Fields)
One Way Leading To A Dead End ... The Ins and Outs *
I'm Just a Girl ... Die Mannequin * (from the album Neon Zero)
Be Still ... Robyn Hitchcock
Only Love You For Your Car ... Immanculate Machine * (ouch!)
Attis ... Authentic Imperfection *
Silver Springs ... Lykke Li
Dope Fiends and Booze Hounds ... The Inbreds * (cover of the Rheos)
Lower ... The Implicate Order *
Actors ... Bravestation * (new!!!)
Meadowsweet ... Chatham Rise
Don't Give Up ... Feist ft. Timber Timbre *

Remember, be safe out there. 

Thanks for listening and see you next week!


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