Monday, 21 October 2013

Hey Kids, It's Membership Week!!!

Hey everybody!

It's that most wonderful time of the half year, not quite on the same level as Christmas and Halloween (still my favorite holiday) but still, I'm just sayin'.

It's time to join our merry band of misfits and keep this station afloat.  Community radio in the GTA has come down to US and with your help we will keep flying the flag of the people's voice right here at CIUT.

Now, other than a very few long suffering part time staffers (God bless you, you put up with so much) the ship is entirely manned by volunteers. We program, tech, interview, blog, make a mess and generally try our hardest to offer what other radio stations don't.  The schedule is very diverse (or random dependant on how you look at it) and there is most certainly something for everyone. Having listened to every show on the list at one time or another, I can assure you this place never ceases to surprise.

Anyhow, if you can, any donation to the station is very much appreciated. We have give aways and a grand prize draw, of course, but most important of all, there is unending entertainment here, 24 hours a day.  Consider what you pay to see a movie that didn't live up to it's hype?

By the way, I intend to do a Spooktacular playlist for Ruby Slippers this Friday in honour of the BIG SHOW so I hope you will join me.  And if you decide to jump on board with this drive, thank you so very much.

Here's the info to do it on line, or phone in at any time during the week.

Of course, I would love to hear from you during the show.

Just tell 'em Ruby Slippers sent you!

Thanks for listening, and have a great week!
(Playlist up later, gator)

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